Anything Flamin’ goes

If you are a nature lover like me then you will love what I am going to tell you.

A sweet escape at the heart of the city connecting with nature would be the perfect way to celebrate the festive season.

The Roof Gardens, Kensington has an English woodland garden, with over 10 species of trees, a stream, and a garden pond that is the home of pigtail ducks and four flamingos called Bill, Ben, Splosh and Pecks!

Check out the place, I recommend booking Babylon restaurant for lunch as there would be plenty of daylight plus you will be able to spend time bird watching (Flamingos sleep by 6 pm). And the added advantage of ambience, good food and good wine.

The set menu contains sumptuous dishes we had the slow-cooked Pork Belly and delicately cooked Hake. The cocktails and wine selection is very broad and would suit a range of discerning tastes.


Starters: Paris and cep mushroom soup, 
Cheese and onion Risotto
Mains: Dingley Dell Pork belly and Spitfre sausage, Confit Hake
Desserts: Cranberry Curd, Condensed Milk panna cotta


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