Be Jolly by Golly!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. With bellies bulging with the yummy Christmas meal till it ached that you wouldn’t wanna see food again and laughter echoing through the walls till your cheeks ached. But hearts still not full and wanting time to slow down.

Christmas might be over but winter yet isn’t. If you are like me and considers Xmas the only thing to look forward to in these long dreary cold London nights, then the coming days after new year’s eve may not look very bright.

Fret not! We have a solution for making the most of Winter.

Hit the different outdoor ice rinks around the city before they close.

Ice Rink by Natural History Museum

Just because:

  1. They are only open in winter.
  2. Its a great way to burn those calories.
  3. They are so pretty!

If you are a first-timer and are scared of skating, then trust me you will not know the thrill unless you do it. This is coming from the person who fell 8 times on their first attempt, went back home with a bruised back and yet returned to another rink on the 3rd day. And then there are also others who can skate like a pro from their first day.

So you never know, go out there and feel the wind in your hair!

Skate in front of Somerset House

With this I close the posts on “Christmas In London”. Its been a fab time of the year and I have enjoyed seeing the different parts of this beautiful city.

Ice rink by Tower Bridge London

Happy Skating and Best wishes for the new year! 


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