Lighten up. It’s Almost Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve! And I have the perfect surprise.

The perfect pods for a cosy family/ friends/ self outing. Stroll by the Thames river and have a great view of the Xmas tree by Tower Bridge and of the Xmas lights playing on the Shard. You can find these little pods lighted up, warmed and waiting for you.

Coppa Club has put up these 10 brightly lit pods overlooking the Thames river, each pod can seat 8 people. It is a great way to spend a family outing or having a Xmas meal with friends or even go solo for the view and food and tranquil atmosphere.

The best item I would recommend which is a must-try is the Chorizo Sausages. The pods normally require prior booking, which is impossible in this season, but I will let you in on a secret.

Book a table for dinner at the Club and on the day of your booking, ask the waitress politely to slip you and your company in the pods. They hold some of the pods away from booking, and from what I have seen the pods are usually empty after 9 pm.

Also in a few minutes MERRY CRIMBO!


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