‘Tis the season to sparkle

Any Christmas celebration is incomplete without the lights.

Be it any part of the world, east or west, north or south, every culture has celebration/s when the city adorns its best feature and comes alive shedding its old self.

Below are some of the spots worth checking out for Dec 2017 when you go to see the Christmas lights in London:

1. My number one is Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford street. Although Oxford street has repetition from last year, the angels in Regent are glorious.

2. The Royal Arcade. The most prettiest Arcade, they change the lighting a bit and every time it is viola, magic!

3. Carnaby Christmas Carnival. The most ambitious wild and wonderfully colourful display for this year and has the most refreshingly new display.

4. Rosewood London. Another new and refreshing display by Samsung on the entrance of Rosewood Hotel. You can hear the shimmer of Crystal.

5. Bond Street. I feel last year’s Regent street decoration got shifted to Bond Street. More than the Christmas lights its the windows which are beautiful.

6. Kingly Court. To have a relaxing drink while in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

7. Battersea Power Station. It looks like a lighted forest, beautiful and elegant.

8. Hay’s Galleria. It is near the river, perfect for a stroll and to get some nibbles by the market or go into one of the beautiful bars by the river bank.

9. Seven Dials – It is repetitive from last year and lacks a bit of finesse.

Other honourable mentions which I am planning to cover:

  1. Winter forest at Broadgate
  2. Tower Bridge
  3. Kew Gardens
  4. Winter Wonderland
  5. Westfield

All the recommendations above are free to visit.

If you have any more suggestions for Xmas lights, please write in the comments.

For my next post, I am feeling Homely Xmas, let’s check out the lives of London residents 🙂


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