About me

Welcome to my artistic escape! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me in this ride. Your support really does help!

My education background has always been in the sciences and it was always in the cards that I’d become a doctor or an engineer but my artistic side also demanded some stage time 🙂

I’ve always pursued artistic activities as hobbies, such as painting and acting. So after I finished my Bachelors and while I was getting my career started as a Java developer, I also moonlighted in an acting troupe that resulted in stage plays and short films in Bangalore.

We started getting traction and even showed up in some local newspapers highlighting the “techies by day and artists by night” dichotomy.

I quickly got a taste of the complexities of acting and character development, and so I got drawn deeper into the inner workings of filmmaking. As I started getting paid gigs for dong theater and short films , i decided to dip my toes in directing some short films. They weren’t my best work but it helped me discover that what I truly loved the most was the creative process.

I thrived in environments that allowed me to come up with new ideas, telling stories/imparting knowledge and building characters both as an actress and as a director. This resulted in me having a very discreet IMDB page.

My love of photography quickly grew and I found myself posing as a model for photographers. This coincided with my move to London to start my masters in Advanced Computing.

Photography and travel became the new vehicles to express my artistic energies so after I finished my Masters in London, I began traveling as much as I could.

With traveling, the storytelling aspirations returned and I began giving my friends curated itineraries of “dos” and “don’t s” in each destination.

This all quickly converged into the turning point moment with my 2019 Indonesia trip, in which I used Instagram to share photos and locations of must-see places. I quickly got overwhelmed by the number of comments asking for advice and itineary.

I noticed there was a gap of information for working professionals that don’t necessarily travel lavishly but aren’t budget travelers either. Hence I began working on curating tips for places and sophisticated experiences so I can build my posts.

As I created more posts, it quickly became evident that being a content creator is a full time job and as such I’ve been working 80h weeks ever since.

I’m hoping to graduate to Full Time Content Creator and leave my 9-5 job behind but for now my IG platform is not yet mature enough for me to make a living out of it directly.

So my current goal is to expand my range and audience streams by venturing outside of the “Meta” world and getting more control over my creative career.

So if you are interested in exploring Travel, Tech and digital platforms, make sure to watch this space! ✌️

Thank you for coming along in this journey and I hope you enjoy the ride!