Cherry blossoms in London – When and Where

London is known for many things, in fact the first time I landed in London, someone famously quoted “if you are ever bored of London then that means you are bored of Life”. But I didn’t imagine the beautiful Japanese Sakura flowers / Japanese Cherry blossoms would be so close to home.

Here I am listing When to start Cherry blossom hunting in which parts of London, and what time to go and shoot as well as some beautiful angles of Photography you can test.

These mainly include all the Instagrammable Cherry Blossom Spots in London and are based on Cherry Blossoms in London 2024.

Cherry blossom season in Japan is a major event that draws visitors from around the globe to witness the petals in full bloom. This is one of my bucket-list but it surely is not happening this sakura season. But London has plenty of marvellous places to see the flowers. You can find cherry/spring blossom in some of London’s best parks or London’s gardens and lining the suburban streets. From the famous Greenwich park with beautiful flower arches and poster perfect scenes to the beautiful street-lined Notting hill houses.

When does Cherry blossom bloom in London?

The Cherry blossom tree in London blossoms depending on the season, if the Spring season has been cold then the blossoms arrive late and stay as late as the end of April and if it is mild Spring then the blossoms arrive as early as March. However, in 2023 some of the Cherry trees in London started showing up in February.

The 2023 cherry blossom season will be surely spectacular. And if you time it right you can see the beautiful Magnolia tree blossom in London too. The cherry blossom season usually coincides with the magnolia season.

Where to see the Cherry Blossom in London?

Here is a list of top places to see cherry blossoms in London in the order of their bloom time. Also covers some hidden gems in London kept secret among Londoners.

1. Battersea Park

Usually one of the first and most beautiful places with Candy Cotton trees with the iconic Battersea Power Station chimneys in the background. As it springs early and is not one of the royal parks, it is overlooked but visit here in Mid March to enjoy the open walk with a straight walkway lined with White Cherry Blossom on both sides. The name Cherry Tree Avenue, Battersea Park says it all.

And just across the river on the Chelsea embankment, there is a whiter Cherry tree you can use to frame Albert bridge.

Best time to visit: Early in the morning in Mid March, by 7.30 am as it gets crowded quickly with Joggers and Dog walkers and every Londoner on the weekend. On weekdays you can venture to London park at 9.00 am but since the walkway is a straight winding road there is no way to hide the crowd that forms.

Best angle during peak hour: Take a side angle shot of the beautiful arching trees instead of long winding road to avoid the crowd. The best lens to use is 70-200mm.

2. St. Pauls Cathedral

One of the iconic spots of London and the most Instagram-friendly spots of London’s Cherry blossom. Frame these rosy branches right and you’ll get them framing Sir Christopher Wren’s iconic dome. Extra Gram points if you capture a cloudless blue sky in the background — the pink really pops against an aqua backdrop. Find the trees in St Paul’s Churchyard, to the south of the cathedral.

Best time to visit: Early morning again is best but if you visit here slightly late too, it won’t be so bad as the angles of your shots wholly depend on how you frame them. The blossoms usually are in full bloom in late March.

Best angle: Capture the dome with pink branches from the other side of the road. Another beautiful shot would be to get the red telephone booth, iconic London, with St Pauls’s dome and the cherry blossoms all in one shot.

Where to find: St Pauls Churchyard, EC4M 8AD

3. Kensington

There are a few spots that you will have to visit for Cherry blossoms in Kensington. And if you time it right you can spot Magnolias in Kensington along with the Cherry Blossom trees. Kensington has some of the hidden spots in London to find the best blossoms. If you have seen London bloggers posting you will surely see pictures of sitting by crescent-shaped arch with beautiful cascading branches of pink blossoms.

Below are the times when you should visit these not-so-secret places in London:

  • Boltons – Look for the blooms in Late March. There’s also a giant pink magnolia tree just a few houses down that you’ll probably love to see ( To find the place look for 23 Egerton Terrace, SW3 2BU).
  • Little Boltons – Late March
  • Stanley Crescent – Late March to Early or 1st week of April ( To find Stanley Crescent, Notting Hill, W11 2NQ)

Best time to visit: Definitely early in the morning as the spots are thronged by Instagrammers fighting for a spot. And be Please be mindful to not make the residents angry with your long shoots or climbing over fences.

4. Paddington

Sussex Gardens, Paddington not only has the best townhouses and hotels in London but also sports several Cherry blossom trees. And bonus points if you can get the shot next to red telephone boxes, providing the iconic London Photo op.

Best time to visit: The blossoms start springing up in late March. You can visit any time during the day as not many people know about it.

Where to find: Sussex Gardens, Tyburnia, W2 2RU

5. Ravenscourt Park

One of the less-known parks but it has slowly crept up in popularity. Go there at the weekends and you won’t find any space beyond the basketball court under the canopy of flowers. With a row of Cherry blossom blooms that come out from Late March to April this little pathway behind the basketball court transforms into one of a kind.

Best time to visit: Late March to Early April, make sure you go early in the morning just after sunrise.

Where to find: Paddenswick Rd, Hammersmith, W6 0UA

6. Cotswolds

One of the dreamiest locations in the United Kingdom, the Cotswolds. It has the prettiest group of English villages and is one every tourist must visit. But did you know there is a pretty little hidden spot with the most beautiful backdrop of Cherry blossom trees that you must visit in Castle Combe?

How to find it: Get to the manor with the open grounds when you visit Castle Combe and on the far left you will see the beautiful background of Cherry blossoms forming the perfect background over a small bridge.

Best Time to visit: Definitely the First week of April. Since everyone goes to Castle Combe to see the iconic bridge with the background of English cottages, this little area is often missed and remains crowd and tourist-free. Visit anytime in the first week of April and enjoy all the best parts Castle Combe has to offer.

7. Regents Park

The tricky part with Regents park is there are 2 gorgeous spots and the bloom time for both of them is different, so you will have to go twice if you are thinking of capturing both.

One of them is just outside the park on Chester road with gorgeous Cherry blossom trees lining both sides of the road just outside the park. The Kanzan variety was replaced with Sunset Boulevard in 2015.

The second spot is inside the park, on the south end of Avenue Gardens (English Garden) near the Broad walk, with beautiful arches of Cherry blossom going over beautiful English garden decor.

Best Time to visit: For the Chester road lining Blossoms on both sides outside the park, go there in the 2nd Week of April. For the beautiful canopy of flowers inside the Park near the English gardens go in Mid to late April.

8. Greenwich Park

One of my favourite spots for London Cherry blossom is Greenwich park and you will see why it is famous when you get there. Just beyond the cricket pitch in Greenwich park is a road of bursting cherry trees that leads you straight to a Georgian villa called Ranger’s House. Along this straight path, trees lean into each other, creating a Japanese-style cherry blossom tunnel.

Rightly as its reputation goes, it is always teeming with influencers and Photographers.

Best Time to visit: Late April to May is when the road is in full bloom. Sadly no matter when you go during weekends or weekdays, early in the morning this place will be busy. Hence, a lot of patience and multiple trips is the key to getting the shot.

Where to find: Greenwich Park, Greenwich, SE10 8QY

9. Kew Gardens

London’s biggest botanical garden bursts with multiple spots for blossom spotting. Head to the rose garden behind the famous Palm House. Here, you’ll find multiple different varieties of cherry blossom trees, their variant colours working in beautiful harmony (species labels are provided for the botanically minded) and you can get a great shot with the Palm House in the background.

Follow the path around until it becomes ‘Cherry Walk’, and the section between King William’s Temple and the Temperate House is lined with deeper pink cherry blossom. Frame your shot right and you’ll get the Pagoda in too.

The only drawback of Kew Gardens is, unlike other Parks entry is not free here. You can get the Kew garden tickets here. Day ticket ranges from £19.50 to £21.45.

Best Time to visit: Mid to Late April is when the blossoms are in full strength. If you time it right, you will be able to see the Magnolias too.

10. Other secret places in London

  • Crouch end – N8 is too often overlooked, but the area usually has some healthy blossoms to offer come April. Just around the corner from Hornsey Town Hall and Flashback Records is Cecile Park, a road lined with pink prunus ‘kanzan’. The billowing trees transform it into one of London’s prettiest streets. To find, search for Cecile Park, CrouchEnd, N8 9AS.
  • Blithfield Street – This tiny mews street punches way above its weight for Instagrammability – white and pastel coloured houses, old-fashioned lamp-posts, a teal wall adding an edgy aspect and come April a neat row of cherry trees lining each pavement. This is in South Kensington.
  • Radcliff Road – Fulham Road gives way to Redcliffe Road, a residential street of gorgeous townhouses, lined with cherry blossom trees. Reminds me of a scene out of Marry Poppins. To find search for Redcliffe Road, Kensington, SW10 9NP.
  • Tower Bridge Road – The iconic pic of a Red phone box with beautiful blossom on Tower Bridge Road, south of the Thames. To find look for Tower Bridge Rd, SE1 3LU. Continue for about six minutes by foot from the south end of Tower Bridge, or head east from London Bridge Station.
Blossom near Tower Bridge
  • Mount Street Gardens, Mayfair – Mayfair’s Mount Street Gardens form a small but lovely public space equipped with plenty of benches for you to enjoy your lunch in the shade of a voluptuous cherry blossom tree. To find search for Mount St, Mayfair, W1K 2TH.
  • Thurloe Street – Located in a tiny spot between Thurloe Square Garden and V&A Museum, you will find the Yalta Memorial Garden with a beautiful row of Cherry blossom trees. To find look for Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge, SW7 2RL.
  • Swiss Cottage Station – Random place we found by accident, but if you find yourself near Swiss Cottage Station in the spring, make sure to have a gander along this little cherry blossom path. To find search for Swiss Cottage Station, Finchley Rd, NW3 6HY, between Swiss Cottage Station and the Swiss Cottage Library.

Best Time to visit: These start blooming right around the same time and some of them last as late as May. But for getting shots without any disappointment go there from Mid to Late April.

You will love Instagrammable locations for Wisteria and other flowers for this Spring season. Be first to get all the info, and drop your Email-id for early release.

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