10 spots for Wisteria in London

Spring in London is a glorious time with all kinds of beautiful blooms, and the most beautiful of all is the start of Wisteria Hysteria. With the city bursting into colour, every street corner becomes a photo opportunity.

The intoxicating smell and the purple colour onslaught are mesmerizing in every sense. Whether you’re looking for an Instagrammable café for a spot of afternoon tea, picture-perfect mews, or sun-soaked English gardens complete with flower-adorned pergolas, here is a guide to the best places to see wisteria in London.

When to see Wisteria in London

The pretty purple member of the Fabaceae family, Wisteria, starts blooming at the end of April and continues into May. The beautiful purple colour and the smell wafting through the houses and gardens are perfect.

1. Peckham Rye Park

The usually-naked pergola in this beautiful park transforms into a stunning lilac tunnel, dripping with tendrils of wisteria. It’s satisfyingly symmetrical, with plenty of other green foliage surrounding it… and it’s far enough out of central London that it’s not plagued with photographers, ideal photo territory.

2. Kynance Mew

This is a photo spot that is the holy grail for content creators in both Springs as well as Autumn. In autumn, the beige stone arch drips with blood-red foliage, creating a gothic-like illusion. However in Spring, on the western side of the road, past Launceston Place, where one house disappears behind a wall of lilac for a few weeks of the year. 

Just be mindful of the residents.

3. Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Chelsea’s petite Cheyne Walk has a cluster of houses where purple Wisteria blooms curl around the wrought iron railings, drowning the first-floor balcony in a riot of pastels. Always makes a pretty picture with the beautiful houses.

4. Bedford Gardens, Notting Hill

If you are looking for wisteria locations based on Instagram, then you surely must have come across pictures of a pastel pink door perfectly framed with those blossom-laden branches. It is an insta-famous location, so if you are planning to visit get there early.

5. Stafford Terrace

Another Instagram famous spot that is growing every year with a bigger and bigger crowd. But it is rightly so, with its stunning facade of Wisteria growing in waves over the wrought-iron fences of this neighbourhood. You will see what I mean when you go there.

As this is a popular spot the best time to go will be early in the morning.

6. Camden town

This is a hidden spot and not that Instagram famous yet, hence you can go anytime and it will most probably not be crowded. It is a bit difficult to navigate but all the more worth visiting, as you can see in the pics below.

Location: 30 Delancey Street, Camden Town, London

7. Aubaine, Selfridges

Aubaine serves French cuisine in the most beautiful of settings. Boasting a gorgeous ceiling decked out with the lilac springtime favourite, this is the perfect spot to enjoy flaky pastries and free-flowing coffee before heading through to Selfridges for some window shopping. 

8. Battersea Park

Battersea Park is known for its Pagoda, iconic Battersea Power Station chimneys, its beautiful early Cherry blossoms, and Albert bridge. But is often overlooked for the stunning Wisteria growing in the English gardens at the center of the park.

Since it is less known and a secret among content creators, it is not very crowded. You can visit anytime during a weekend and you will usually find the locals lazing around.

9. Phillimore Gardens

This is a beautiful location with a home with a beautiful white flight of stairs to pose next to. And of course the beautiful wreath of Wisteria climbing up the wall. Met the owner of the house who narrated when he planted the lilac 30 years ago.

Location: 34 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London

10. Golders Hill Park and pergola, Hampstead Heath

This is the beautiful Golders Hill Park that is beautiful throughout the year. To the west of Hampstead Heath, but technically part of the same nature conservation zone, Golders Hill Park is more structured than its wilder neighbor — think careful landscaping, flower gardens, duck ponds, and the entire entourage. Great to wander through in winter (when the neoclassical pillars and hilltop spot give it a bare, windswept beauty), by late spring Golders Hill Park is an explosion of purple — wisteria creeping across the trellises, framing views over the Heath from every angle.

Hope you have an amazing time hunting all the spots, take time to enjoy. I would love to hear your views on the above spots.

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