Top Instagram spots to visit in Paris in 2023

Paris is the most Instagrammable city in Europe and is knowingly called the city of art. It is a paradise for photographers with countless photography spots – be it landscape, architecture, arty portraits, or even the best Instagram-worthy pictures.

Paris is a good idea in any season but during fall/autumn its true beauty comes out. Those aesthetic slow romantic videos with the Eifel Tower in the background.

In this article, I collected the most Instagrammable places in Paris with some useful tips on how to get there, the best time to visit, and how to avoid the crowds.

1. Musee de Louvre

The World’s largest art museum with all the best collections of art on display is also one of the most iconic locations in Paris. You can see many world-famous artworks in the Louvre like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo or the Winged Victory of Samothrace, making it an art lover paradise.

The Louvre Palace, which houses the museum, was begun by King Philip II in the late 12th century to protect the city from the attack from the West, as the Kingdom of England still held Normandy at the time. Remnants of the Medival Lourve are still visible in the crypt.

Needless to say, it is a MUST Visit spot even if you are not an art lover, as it has the most Insta-worthy spots.

Top Tip: Try to sit at the edge of the glass pyramid and use another phone to form a reflection while you take a pic.

Best time to go: it is one of the most visited locations, hence there is all the more reason for it to get crowded. Go there early in the morning before it opens or on Tuesdays when the museum is closed. The courtyard is closed during the nights and it usually opens around 7 am so you can’t go earlier than that.

See the before and after

2. Trocadero

All those pictures you see of influencers standing by the gorgeous stairs with the background of the Eiffel tower are at this spot. Trocadero has multiple stunning angles of Eifel tower. And if you are thinking of the Eifel Tower, you absolutely must visit Trocadero.

I’m sure you’ve already seen many photos on Instagram when people are standing or sitting on the edge of a platform but unfortunately, it is not possible anymore. A wooden barrier has been built around the platform with fences all around it so you can’t get to that platform.

Don’t let that discourage you, there are still many other photo opportunities at Trocadéro (which are also safer than climbing on the edge)! You can shoot from the middle of the square, climb up to the golden statues or head down to the stairs for example or walk a few blocks to reach the garden in front where there is another hidden view.

Best time to go: if you are looking to get the square empty, go before sunrise as it is a popular spot and gets really crowded by 10 am. The lighting is best during sunrise so it is worth it to go as early as possible.

Note: the Carousel near Trocadero has permanently closed.

3. Avenue de Camoens

Would you believe me if I said this is just an end of a street, with this spectacular view! Avenue de Camoens is one of the most Instagrammable places in Paris with an amazing view, yet it is a hidden gem. Not many people know of the place and you can almost have the place all to yourself.

Top Tip: There is a standard view that everyone clicks but if you go down the stairway, you can find new equally beautiful angles.

Best Time to go: Any time of the day works here since it is not that well known.

4. Pont d’lena

If you want to get a closer view of the iron lady with a bridge, this has it all. Paris is a city with beautiful bridges and this is certainly one of them. you can shoot different angles here.

Best time to go: If you want to shoot on the bridge then go early in the morning to have no crowd, but the best angle in my opinion is to sit by the wall and wait for the no-one to walk in the shot (if you go in the middle of the day).

5. Pont Alexandre III

Coming to the topic of Parisian bridges, this is probably the most beautiful bridge in Paris! There are as many angles as you can think of from to the bottom of the bridge. And bonus point, it has a view of the Eiffel tower too. No pictures and no amount of words do justice to how beautiful this bridge is in real life.

Best time to go: I would say sunset is the best time to shoot in Pont Alexandre III. You can manage the crowd in my opinion since there are so many angles to discover, if one viewpoint gets crowded switch to another spot.

6. Pont de Bir Hakeim

Counting the beautiful bridges in Paris and we are certainly not done. This is one of the bridges I discovered on my fourth visit to Paris and it is so stunning that I was annoyed as well as surprised at myself. The beautiful symmetry, as well as the view of the Eiffel tower, is to be taken advantage of for those stunning IG shots.

It has ample shots opportunities for Landscape as well as Architecture photographers.

Best time to go: During Sunset, the sky is lit in beautiful colour with a stunning view. The bridge is not crowded at all as it is less known.

7. Palais Royal

If you admire symmetry and Geometric patterns this is the place for you. Strike a pose wearing a bold colour in the sea of white and black pattern or mix and match by wearing black and white, you cannot go wrong.

Best time to go: go to this spot early in the morning. This spot is filled with tourists as well as locals as the kids love playing here plus there are a lot of events that keep happening in the square as well as the garden.

Top tip: this spot has another hidden spot which is, the columns connecting the building have beautiful symmetry, perfect for taking shots or making short videos for your IG reels. If you want to know how to try this Reel tutorial

8. Palais Garnier

Remember that scene from Cinderella where she runs down the stairway from the ball and leaves her Glass shoes behind, Opera Garnier is a real-life spot to recreate the same. Stunning ornate architecture with awe-inspiring design, the interior of Opera Garnier is just out of dreams.

You will have to book a ticket for visiting inside. The self-guided tour is the cheapest costing around €14 per person and 12 if you visit outside the exhibition period.

You can also visit Palais Garnier if you book an Opera.

Important Info: Carry some form of identification as well as your fully vaccinated health pass.

Opening time for guided tour: 10 am to 4 pm, the last entry is 45 minutes before closing time. They are very strict on timings and do not allow anyone to enter if you miss coming there 45 minutes before 4 pm.

Best time to visit: To get shots without any crowd either come early in the morning when it opens or stay late by the closing time when the crowd thins down.

9. Jardin de Tuileires

Next to the Lourve is this beautiful garden that is a MUST visit in autumn. Don’t believe me check the photo that I took, with the symmetrically lined trees on both sides and the background of a beautiful fountain. It is simply the picture of Paris in autumn.

Finding this picturesque corner in the massive garden, however, is a task. We went up and down thrice before I found the little raised section. When you walk in the garden with your back turned towards Louvre, turn on the left side after you pass the massive fountains. you will see a flight of stairs taking to a raised area which is another part of the garden and there you will see the tall fir trees.

Best time to visit: Anytime as this little corner of the garden is usually free.

10. Place de la Concorde

At the end of Jardin de Tuileries is Place de la Concorde and the Fontaines de la Concorde form a stunning view. The fountain with green and gold colours looks stunning. Take a baguette, take in the view and record videos and take pics to your heart’s content and it will be phenomenal.

Best time to visit: I love the stunning colours that come out during sunset and especially during the blue hour. But you can go anytime as the crowd is manageable to take a pic and pretend there was no one to disturb you.

11. Le Consulat

Le Consulat is a charming bustling restaurant in the romantic district of Montmarte. One look at its Parisian facade and you know why this spot is in the top Instagram spots.

Best time to visit: You can go before 11 am when the restaurant opens or at any time after it open to get the true Parisian vibe.

12. Le Maison Rose

You can’t miss this beautiful pink restaurant on the way to Montmarte and have a meal there. it is beautiful. and covered in fern.

Best time to visit: Go in the morning before the restaurant opens, to avoid the crowded streets.

13. Arc de triomphe

Located on the western end of the Champs-Élysées at the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle where 12 different avenues meet, it is not only a great spot to take pics in but also has a stunning viewpoint of the city. The panoramic terrace is open from 10 am until 10.45 pm and an adult ticket costs 13.

Arc de Triomphe is one of the most important national monuments of the city and should be on everyone’s list visiting Paris.

Best time to visit: Get there early in the morning to avoid crowds and traffic in the roundabout. That being said the best lighting comes out during sunset, you have to be. patient to get a shot during busy hours.

14. Lamarck Caulaincourt

Have you seen the shots of Paris with the most beautiful retro signs for tube/metro? You can create lovely Parisian shots with a cool metro sign and one of them is this beautiful spot. Wear the same colours as the Parisian metro sign and your IG game is on.

Best time to visit: Depends on what kind of photo you are looking for, if you want no one in the pic, go early in the morning, else you can go at any time and get a real Parisian vibe going on with the Parisian crowd pouring getting out of the station in a jiffy.

Best Time to visit Paris

Definitely in the colder months as Autumn and winter colour transforms the city to its romantic sultry self. September to November is the best time to go to Paris.

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