Valensole Lavender Fields – Guide to the best spots in Provence

Lavender Fields in Valensole: A Guide to Visiting the Most Beautiful Landscapes of France. Every year anticipation builds as the lavender fields of Provence start to gain their telltale purple glow.

Among the best lavender fields in Provence are those in the Valensole Plateau. It’s here you’ll find endless stretches of fragrant rows peppered by stone huts and token trees. The Valensole lavender fields are probably the most visited in all of Provence and the most photographed.

If you are planning to visit the Lavender fields in Provence, France and photographing the gorgeous rolling fields is on your bucket list too, then read on. I answer all your questions on how to get to Provence, which spots to go to, the best Instagram spots, when is the best time to visit, the coordinates of all the spots and the best photography tips for shooting the lavender fields.

Lavender fields in France are located in Southeastern France known as Provence-Alpes-Cote d’ Azur region. There are 3 plateaus where the Lavender fields are located – the Valensole Plateau, Sault Plateau and Luberon Plateau.

The Best time to visit Valensole Lavender Fields

The best time to see lavender in Provence is different depending on where you are in the region. However, the best time to see the bloom is from late June to early August.

Lavender fields in June

  • By late June most Lavender in Provence is in bloom.
  • Luberon is typically the first, closely followed by the Valensole lavender fields.
  • The fine lavender grown in the highest altitudes of Provence is the latest to bloom.

Lavender fields in July

  • Early July is the best time to visit lavender fields in Provence. The entire region is peppered with vibrant purple fields. And, if you get in before the school holidays (which normally start after the first week of July), you’re more likely to beat the crowds.
  • From mid-July lavender fields start to be harvested in the Valensole plateau.
  • The upper Luberon lavender fields and the Château du Bois fine lavender are generally harvested around the 15th of July.
  • The lower Luberon (around Lourmarin), the Valensole lavender fields and those around Sisteron are harvested later in July, typically around the 25th of July.

Lavender fields in August

  • If you’re visiting Provence in August you may be worried about missing out on seeing the lavender fields at all, but there are still a few lavender fields in bloom in August.
  • Aim for the Sault lavender fields or around Banon to find lavender in bloom until the 10th of August.

Find the best experiences of Valensole here

If you would like a guided day tour of Valensole, I definitely recommend this tour to discover the Lavender fields.

The best way to travel would definitely be by hiring a car so you can travel at any time and plan accordingly.

Check out the map below for the GPS coordinates for each location!

Valensole Lavender Fields in Provence

Explore the Plateau de Valensole – The Plateau de Valensole is the largest lavender-growing area in France and spans over 800 square kilometers. The fields are often surrounded by olive groves, almond trees, and wheat fields, sunflower field, small huts providing a picturesque view that will take your breath away.

The best way to explore the plateau is by car or bike, so you can stop and admire the fields at your own pace.

Perhaps the most famous village in the Valensole Plateau is deservedly that of Valensole itself. This colourful village sits elevated above the plateau, with the 11th century St Blaise church at its helm.

Pastel coloured houses crowd the narrow streets and the hidden gardens beckon you to discover their secrets. Take a pause here on your tour of the lavender fields of Valensole to take a stroll, sample lavender-laced delicacies, or sit in a curbside cafe for lunch.

At the other end of the Valensole Plateau lies Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, a picturesque village hanging on the hillside overlooking the vast lac de Sainte-Croix.

Best time to photograph Lavender fields

The best time to go is during Sunrise or Sunset. The lavender fields change in hue based on the time of the day. I found the most stunning colours during the orange and blue hour during sunset.

Visit the lavender farms

1. Terraroma

Terraroma is an iconic lavender farm in Provence, and it’s a beautiful spot for photos open exclusively for Tourists. They even have a sign on the road warning drivers to be “Aware of Wildlife” with pictures of photographers 😀

Park opposite the lavender field, by the distillery Lavandes Angelvin. Wander up the divide between the lavender fields and you’ll find respite from the crowds, and another less frequented lavender field behind.
Opposite the Terraroma is a less frequented lavender field perfect for blue hour photography.
GPS Coordinates: 43.8191, 5.93266

Best time to go: I would suggest going by 6.30 PM local time, as the sunset is around 8.30 PM but all the prime spots get occupied by hoards of tourists.

2. Lavandes Angelvin

A short stroll past the Terraroma fields will have you arriving at Lavandes Angelvin – home to some of the more famous Provence lavender fields. With seemingly endless rows of purple perfection, only interrupted by a few well-placed trees, it’s a spot that well deserves its reputation.

GPS: 43.82374, 5.93828

Best time to go: Same as Terraroma, suggest going by 6.30 PM local time, as the sunset is around 8.30 PM but all the prime spots get occupied by hoards of tourists. Both this and the above spot can be done together. Try and frame the tree in the middle with columns of Lavender on both sides.

3. The field with the stone cottage

My favourite spot of all the lavender fields in Valensole. It is easy to miss while driving as the cottage is in the middle of the lavender field in a bit of dip. This is a huge lavender field so you will need to walk down through the lavender rows to get a good shot of the hut. Please take care not to damage the lavender as you trod.

There are many bees but they are very gentle.

GPS: 43.892514, 6.116406

Best time to go: Going anytime during the day is great on this field since the lavender field look different in a different light. As the valley is surrounded by mountains.

4. The half and half- Lavender with Sage

This field gives a beautiful hue of purple along with pink and the smell is otherworldly. Lavender on one side and sage on the other looks perfect no matter what time of day you decide to visit.

GPS: 43.894655, 6.119731

Best time to go: As I mentioned above going anytime during the day would be fine. The field remains free of the crowd.

5. The lavender fields with sunflowers

Two of my favourite flower fields are next to each other. This is quite stunning to see, however, we went in early July and the Sunflowers were not completely in bloom. However, this is one of the iconic spots you will see on every Instagrammers page visiting Valensole making it a must-visit spot in the full bloom of both Lavender and sunflowers.

GPS: 43.860220, 5.990040

Best time to go: The best time to visit is in early August when the Sunflowers have bloomed.

6. Lavender field with hot air Balloons in the background

Another classic must-see shot with Lavender fields and the background of hot air balloons but these are a bit tricky as you will have to find the day the hot air balloons are ready to fly on the previous day. And wake up early in the morning during sunrise to get a shot.

GPS: 43.836132, 6.118174

Best time to go: Be at the spot by sunrise around 5 am or earlier depending on when the sun rises in summer locally.

Other locations you should check out

1. Gorges du Verdon : The Gorges is a river canyon located in Provence Alpes Cote d’Azure region of Southeastern France. It is formed by the Verdon river, which is named for its turquoise-green colour, one of the location’s distinguishing characteristics. If you haven’t visited, definitely worth visiting and having a relaxing picnic plus drinks on the boat.
GPS: Navigate to this location on an afternoon when the sun is lower or early in the morning to avoid crowds.

2. Salin de Giraud: A hidden gem not known by many tourists and only frequented by locals. Nestled near the village is this huge Salt marsh that is worth visiting. Due to a particular type of Algae that grows in the Marshes, gives it its Pink colour. And if you are like me and have a bucket list of visiting pink lake then you will definitely admire this place. Looking for the village on Google Maps will take you to the wrong location. Follow the GPS link below, you can visit anytime and the entry fee is 10 euros per person.
GPS: 43.4047204,4.7170707

Curated Best experiences in Valensole:

Valensole’s lavender fields offer a unique and breathtaking experience that is not to be missed. By following these tips, you can make the most out of your visit and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Keep that dream alive!

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