11 Top Instagrammable spots in Budapest

I have been to this city twice now but every time I think I have seen it all and nothing will surprise me, the city proves me wrong. I again find a spot that I had missed and now when I am finally sitting down to write this blog I found 4 more spots I missed 😀

Hence I have reason to visit again, however, I am summarising all the spots for you here so you don’t miss any of them and cover all the must-visit places. I recommend checking my ultimate itinerary in Budapest for 3 to 5 days as well.

1. Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s bastion is the most beautiful place in Budapest. If I had to choose just one spot that I would go it would be this place on the Buda side of the city. It is a treasure trove of angles and Insta-worthy pics, no matter where you look. I generally lost my mind with the stunning architecture and symmetry 😉

Best time to go: Being one of the most touristy places in the city, the Fisherman’s Bastion gets crazily crowded during the day. Therefore I recommend you to go as early as you can.

Since the sun rises right in front of the Fisherman’s Bastion, it’s worth waking up early and watching the sunrise from there. You will not only have the whole place to yourself but the soft morning lights are great for photography as well.

Cost: Most part of the Fisherman’s Bastion is free to visit but to see the upper towers, you have to pay a small entrance fee of 1000 HUF (3.3 USD). However, if you’re going early in the morning you don’t need to pay an entrance fee until 9 am.

Google map: Fishermans Bastion

2. Budapest Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament measures 96 meters (315 ft) in height and is currently the largest building in Hungary and, the third-largest parliament building in the world!

I stayed in an Airbnb just next to the parliament to wake up to this view. But if you are looking for the best photography spot of the Hungarian Parliament cross the Danube river and take pics from the opposite side of the river bank. This viewpoint is located on the Buda side of the river, facing the Parliament building directly.

Best time to go: You can visit all day long, the view is equally beautiful during the day and the night as well. The sun is rising up behind the Parliament building so if you don’t mind waking up early, sunrise can be a great time for shooting.

If you want to visit the parliament book a time slot ahead of your travel. Read 5-day itinerary in Budapest for more details.

Cost: This viewpoint is entirely free to visit. The price for going inside the parliament is 4200 HUF for EEA citizens and 8400 HUF (£ 17.64) for non-EEA.

Google map: Budapest parliament , The best view of Budapest parliament

3. The Széchenyi Chain bridge

The Chain Bridge was named after István Széchenyi and it was built in 1849 when it was one of the largest bridges in the world. Unfortunately, during World War II the bridge was bombed and rebuilt in 1949. 

No matter if you go at night, early morning or at dawn, the Chain Bridge will take your breath away. It is the city’s most iconic landmark connecting Buda and Pest and one of the most Instagrammable spots in Budapest.

At the entrance of the bridge from both sides, you can see two lions. Legend has it that the person who built the bridge was so proud of his work that if someone found an imperfection he would jump into the river, and of course, someone did, the lions do not have a tongue so he had to jump to the Danube River. He was able to swim so he was fine.

Unfortunately, the bridge was closed for pedestrians as well as vehicles and up for renovation when we went.

Best Time to go: You can basically go anytime but since the bridge usually gets crowded during the day it’s better to go early in the morning before the traffic starts.

Cost: It is free to go

Google map: Chain bridge

4. Liberty bridge

Since the iconic Chain bridge was closed, so I did all my photography on the Liberty bridge. The bridge is quite unique with its vibrant green colour.

The best viewpoint is from the hill on Gellert Hill Cave which you should not miss.

Best Time to go: The Liberty Bridge is usually full of people and cars so it’s best to go early in the morning if you want to shoot without the crowds. However, we went in the evening and patiently waited. The viewpoint at the Gellért Hill Cave is not so popular so you can go anytime and it would be free of the crowd!

Cost: Visiting Liberty bridge is free.

Google map: Liberty bridge

5. Heroes Square

It is one of the biggest squares in all of Hungary and a World Heritage Site. Early morning pictures of this square with sunlight streaming are the best. The statues here are humungous and so awe-inspiring. The monument was built in 1896 to commemorate the 1000-year-old history of Hungary.

Best Time to go: For an empty square wake up early and go there for sunrise! Otherwise, Heroes Square is usually jam-packed during the day and it’s impossible to get a decent shot.

Cost: Visiting Heroes square is free

Google map: Heroes Square

6. New York Cafe

This is hand down the best cafe in Budapest. The cafe is located inside Boscolo Hotel and although the website says it opens 9 am-12 pm, it actually starts serving breakfast at 8 am! This place is built and decorated like a true palace and is fit for royalty. 

I would say to make a reservation before you go, otherwise, there is a huge queue that forms outside the cafe.

Best Time to go: The cafe is open from 8 am until 12 am so you can basically go anytime during the day. However, if you’re not going there for the opening time it’s worth reserving a table in advance to avoid queuing for hours.

Cost: Since this is a cafe you will need to eat or drink something from the menu and unfortunately, it’s a bit expensive compared to the general costs of eating out in Budapest. Alternatively, you can stay at the hotel, and this way you get to eat breakfast there for free (if it’s included in your room type of course).

Google map: The best cafe in Budapest

7. Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

Ruin bars are one of the unique gems of Budapest and they must be included in any of the best photo spots in the Budapest list. These are formerly abandoned buildings where now you can enjoy unique and fun art and get some drinks. You can find so many different themes and quirky decor that make for an exciting photographing experience. Meaning each picture is totally unique. 

Best Time to go: Go in the early hours as it gets quite busy in the evenings

Cost: It is free to enter and enjoy even if you don’t buy any drinks or food.

Google map: Ruin bar

8. Gellert Hill and Liberty Statue

On the Buda side of the city, the Liberty Statue commemorates those who died for the independence and freedom of Hungary in WWII. To reach the top you will have to hike up Gellert Hill for at least 20-30 mins but the views from here are stunning and you can easily spend several hours just taking photos.

At the top of the Gellért Hill is the Citadella which offers views down both directions of the Danube. From Gellért Hill you will be able to see the Danube, the Liberty bridge, the Chain Bridge, the Basilica, the Parliament and the Budapest eye.

We went hiking up the hill but the Liberty statue was closed for renovation. We still had fun watching the sunset from other viewpoints. There are several viewpoints all over the hill giving a panoramic view of the city.

Best Time to go: The best time to go is for a sunrise or sunset view. It gets pretty busy during the sunset, so come a few hours early, take a prime sitting down spot and perch yourself till the sun sets.

Cost: It is free to go up and down the hill and see the Liberty statue.

Google map: Liberty statue on top of Gellert hill

9. Széchenyi Thermal Baths

The one thing Hungary has in abundance is Geothermal water and natural spas and the capital city is no exception. With its iconic yellow building, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the most famous bath in Budapest and it’s also one of the most instagrammable places in Budapest as well. Taking amazing photos while relaxing in a thermal bath? Yes, please!

You can find different kinds of pools inside and outside as well. The outside pools are definitely the most photogenic parts of the Széchenyi Baths, there are three of them: one big swimming pool in the middle and two thermal water pools on each side.

There are spa parties that happen every Saturday too, so make sure you book at least one of them in advance.

Best Time to go: Go there around opening time as you will find less crowd then. Because the crowds are just gonna get worse during the day!

Cost: Ticket prices are usually between 5,600-6,800 HUF (18-22 USD) and you can buy them online on their website in advance.

Google map: Szenchenyi thermal bath

10. Gellert Spa and hotel

The first time I went to Budapest, I considered Széchenyi for kids and Gellért for grownups because of the party vibes with the above one and such a calm and peaceful vibe with the second 😀

Absolutely adore this Spa, it is beautiful, has so many rooms and is so relaxing. Don’t believe me, you should try it out.

The bath was built in a secession style and looks absolutely breathtaking. In my opinion, it’s even more beautiful inside than the Széchenyi.

Best Time to go: Go anytime but if you are going for photos make sure to stick around till the closing time to get a pic of the indoor swimming pool without anyone.

Cost: Ticket prices range between 6,300-7,100 HUF (20-22 USD) per person.

Google map: Gellert Spa

11. Central Market

The Great Market Hall was built in 1897 and it’s the most beautiful and largest market hall in Budapest. Even if you’re not into shopping it’s worth strolling around the hall and admiring the beautiful architecture as well as eating some local snacks on the upper floor.

I went here to grab local trinkets as well as the famous Hungarian paprika.

Best Time to go: The Great Market Hall opens at 6 am so if you want to have it all to yourself, head there early. However, if you want to experience the real market feeling, go in the middle of the day! The market is closed on Sundays.

Cost: Visiting the Market hall is free of charge.

Google map: Central Market

Map of Instagrammable places in Budapest

Below is a customised map of all the spots I have listed above, this will help you cover all the spots while you are travelling and ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Final thoughts

Budapest in my opinion is still a not hyped gem and has countless affordable luxuries compared to its counterpart like Paris. It is not only a backpacker’s dream but also has the most Instagrammable spots that will make your jaw drop and your audience swoon over your pictures and videos. Read more about what to eat, where to eat and what to do in my 5-day itinerary for Budapest.

Where to stay:

  1. High end: I would suggest Anantara New york palace, which is an elegant mid-century building in the heart of Budapest, close to the Opera and Andrássy Boulevard. The spacious, air-conditioned rooms feature luxurious Italian furniture and fabrics like silk wallpaper and Murano chandeliers.
  2. Mid-range: Continental hotel Budapest has each room that boasts Art Deco style and comes with free WiFi, soundproofed windows and air conditioning. Located near Blaha Lujza tér M2 Metro Station, on the M2 line, is 250 yards away and the Great Synagogue is 500 yards down the road.
  3. Budget: Danubius Hotel Helia is an excellent option, can be found right on the banks of the Danube river opposite Budapest’s Margaret Island and offers you great fitness, spa and conference facilities.

I hope you liked this post about the best Budapest Instagram spots and you will be able to take some epic photos while visiting the city. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email, I always love helping you out and chatting on all things travel. Check out the Itinerary I created for Budapest here which talks about all the tips you need to know for Budapest. Ultimate itinerary for Budapest for 3-5 days.

Do you know some other great Instagram spots in Budapest? Let me know in the comments!

Keep that dream alive!!

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