Autumn in London: Top 12 Instagrammable spots for Fall

London is an Instagram dream all year round and the crisp air and the flaming yellow-orange fall leaves is no exception.

Looking for the best spots to capture the beautiful colours of nature during fall in London? Here is a list that will help you get to the most beautiful places in London in Autumn and tell you the best time to visit and beat the crowd.

Autumn is my second favourite time in London when the beautiful ivy-covered walls suddenly come alive turning into spectacular orange and red displays. And the beautiful parks are nature’s playgrounds with colours.

If you want to read all about the Spring spots that are my fav, read Cherry blossoms in London.

For Autumn/Fall activities in London why not go for Pumpkin picking, here are is a list of Pumpkin farms in and around London.

When is Autumn in London

The Autumn season in London begins in the second week of October and generally ends by November. 

Where to see autumn leaves in London

Autumn in London is a magnificent affair – tree-lined streets blaze with russet oranges and yellows, leaves crunch underfoot and the lure of hearty pub meals with blazing fires is impossible to resist. Here is what you should definitely look up this fall.

1. Kynance Mews

One of the best places I have seen for the Autumn fall foliage in London, not only do the mews look beautiful due to their architecture but also the creepers on the wall turn a complete red giving it a beautiful out-of-this-world look.

Mews are essentially old horse stables full of cobblestone streets and carriage houses. The huge arched gate that marks the entrance to the mews is absolutely stunning as it’s completely covered in red leaves. This is one of the popular spots in London both in Autumn as well as in Spring when the walls fill with heavenly-smelling wisteria blooms.

Best time to go: Early in the morning to avoid a crowd of Instagrammers on a weekend.

Google map: Kynance Mews

PS: Kynance mew is propped all over with scaffolding in 2022, I suggest an alternative which has a similar-looking arch with ivy going up the wall, Steeles Mews Hampstead.

2. Richmond Park

Richmond Park is best known for deer spotting. The Autumn colours with these beautiful animals make the perfect picture. But one thing to remember is Autumn is the ‘rut’, or breeding season, so make sure to stay at least 100m from the deer.

Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve and is home to over 600 red and fallow deer!

Best time to go: Anytime is wonderful but I definitely prefer the light during sunset.

Google map: Richmond Park

3. Marylebone

This tiny little spot transforms into fiery red and looks stunning. It took me a while to search for the exact location, so follow the google map location to get to the spot. Ample full of red autumn leaves it makes a pretty picture of London houses.

Best time to go: I would say during lunchtime if you don’t want to have to adjust to cars parked on weekdays in front of the spot.

Google map: Marylebone

4. Hyde Park

If you go at the right time this park looks spectacular with all the fall foliage. It is lovely walking through this park during this time. It is also the largest of four Royal Parks set right in Central London. 

Tips and angles to try: Get some fun pictures by laying in a pile of orange leaves and placing a leaf in front of your eye.

Best time to go: Anytime is fine to go over here as the park is big enough to avoid crowds and find one lil nook or corner for yourself.

Google map: Hyde Park

5. Horses Guards Parade

My second favourite spot in London and a MUST-visit place during autumn. This little portion has creepers throughout the walls that change to some dramatic colours and is simply worth visiting.

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself.

Best time to go: Late November stroll at any time to find a cute little corner for yourself. The place is big enough for everyone to find a spot.

Google map: Horses Guards Parade

6. Hampstead

I have been to Hampstead while my friend lived there and ever since fallen in love with it. It feels like you are in a quaint village full of one pretty house after another.  Just get your wellies and walk down the streets of Hampstead, you will find so many wonderful homes adorned with pretty red leaves. Some of the streets in Hampstead include Fitzjohn’s Avenue, the corner of Redington Park/Frognal, Holly Bush Hill to Hampstead Grove, Steeles Mews and Perrin’s Court as well as .

The one on Fitzjohn’s Avenue, near the junction with Arkwright road, is a very famous Instagram spot.

Best time to go: Leaves in Hampstead start appearing in mid-October, so take your walking shoes and discover the neighbourhood.

Google map: 73 Fitzjohn’s Avenue

PS: Holly Bush Hill for Fall 2022 has completely dried out

7. Regent’s Park

Take a walk down the tree and bench-lined path through Regent’s Park and marvel at the beautiful autumn leaves that surround you from all sides. Feel crisp leaves crunch under your shoes. If autumn could be summed up by a sound, it would be this!

Best time to go: Early in the morning in Mid October would be the best. As the time of day progresses there are a lot of dog walkers, and joggers filling up the space.

Google map: Regent’s Park

8. Dollaway Terrace

Yes, we are talking about a restaurant. Felling nippy in the cold weather? Then why not tuck into this autumnal spot? Dollaway terrace changes its interiors with every season, my favourites are the autumn and winter displays.

Best time to go: weekdays

Google map: Dollaway Terrace

9. Regents Canal

The towpath of the Regent’s Canal is perfect for an autumnal stroll – or cycle if you’re feeling energetic. The smell of wood-burner smoke from the picture-book narrowboats makes it extra special. Wind up in Little Venice and you can keep an eye on the scenery from inside the canalside Bridge House pub.

Best time to go: Go either in the morning or in the evening and catch a beautiful sunset.

Google map: Regent’s Canal

10. St Dunstan in the East

Tucked in the busy central London are these totally secluded little ruins which transport you to another world.

St Dunstan-in-the-East was a Church of England parish church near London Bridge but was severely destroyed during the Second World War (particularly in the Blitz in 1941) and the ruins are now a public garden. The ivy-covered church walls make for a particularly beautiful photo spot in London and maintain a sense of fairytale while reminding us of the tragedies of the past.

Best time to go: Go early in the morning as this spot is famous among photographers and gets crowded very soon.

Google map: St Dunstan in the East

11. Kyoto Garden

Want to visit a Japanese garden in the heart of London? The Kyoto Garden offers a unique, Japanese-style landscape that’s perfect for quiet reflection and relaxation. The garden comes even more alive with the autumn colours. Located in Holland park it is a charming little garden that transports you to a different landscape.

Holland Park is open daily from 7:30 am. It closes 30 minutes before dusk.

Best time to go: Go early in the day if you want to focus on taking pics as it gets quite crowded later in the day.

Google map: Kyoto garden

12. Southbank

With its gorgeous, traditional street lights and stunning river views, Southbank is photogenic at any time of year. In autumn, it ramps it up a notch, with golden plane trees forming an arch over pedestrians below, who crunch through piles of leaves on the ground. With benches all the way along the riverside, it’d be rude not to sit down and admire the view.

Best time to go: Anytime is a great time if it is not raining since the autumn leaves won’t crunch but squelch under your feet 🙂

Google map: South bank

Final thoughts

Fall/Autumn in London is gorgeous and one of the perfect times to visit London. It’s not completely cold (13 to 19 degrees Celcius), and pleasant to discover the numerous things London has to offer. This is a small glimpse of the top Instagrammable spots to discover in London during fall.

Want to do more? Why not visit some Pumpkin farms around London?

Do you have any recommendations for other Instagram spots in London in autumn? Let me know in the comments!

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