My Photography Gear [2023]

Hello everyone! Starting the blog anew and wanted to start by helping out all the new/amateur bloggers and photographers who want to add on to their kit.

TL;DR – Here’s a list of all the equipment I use

Here is the list of all the equipment that I use.


I have switched from Canon to Sony and I have no complaints against it. Sony has an unmatched capacity to retain information. The color and detail that comes back when you shoot in RAW and edit are unparalleled in my opinion. If you don’t believe me check out youtube comparison videos. I did the research and then made the jump. Here is the link Sony a7 III or newer Sony a7 IV.


Here is the list of lenses I use with the above camera and trust me, I spend money after a crazy amount of research. Here is a list of what I use and what I compared them with.

Sony 28-70mm F3.8-5.6: this is the kit lens that the camera came with it’s good for a beginner but you’ll quickly outgrow it and will be looking for something more versatile. I will be reselling mine and get a better one which I have my eye on – the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art is not only cheaper than its Sony counterpart but it trades blows with it when it comes to quality for price.

Sigma 35mm F1.4: my favourite prime lens and perfect for every lifestyle blogger. Retains all the details, when there is little to no light. Plus the depth of field and the lights are incomparable. Sigma is much cheaper than its Sony counterpart with a negligible difference. Definitely, my most used lens as it’s super forgiving and will allow me to recover from almost all mistakes. Just be careful when shooting it at F1.4 as the focus must be spot on otherwise your main subject will be blurry.

Sigma 14-24mm F2.8: If you are looking into spending over any zoom wide-angle lens this pandemic, it should be this. Being in lockdown it is perfect for shooting indoors Photo and video. Be it small spaces or big architecture it does well in getting all the details. I compared this with its Sony counterpart and the review on Youtube again said there is no difference but if you have the cash then Sony is definitely a good investment.

Sony 24mm F1.4 GM: I know you must be wondering I am team Sigma, but no. I am team “optimized results for better photography”. And yes I compared Sony’s prime wide-angle lens with Sigma and found Sony to do much better on this one. Sigma here somehow blurs the edges and the 24mm in Sigma is not really 24 and instead 26mm. So this sweet wide-angle prime lens did it for me. Low light and cramped space, this lens will be your knight in shining armor

Sony 70-200mm F2.8 GM: Sadly there is no equivalent yet of this amazing lens in the Sigma range. This telephoto lens is perfect for cherry blossoms, for nature photography in huge wide plains with an aperture as low as 2.8.


K&F All in one tripod – this tripod can go low and high. Use it to get extra low angles or make it as high as 239cm

K&F Concept Carbon Fiber – This is my go-to tripod these days for outdoor shoots. It’s super portable and versatile.

Basic Tripod for your phone – A cheaper option to get all those BTS and make videos on your phone

Drones and Stabilisers

DJI Mini 3 Drone – This drone is just the right size to travel anywhere and it has a great quality of video for its size. A great bet for any beginner.

DJI OM6 Smartphone Gimbal – Smartphones have amazing cameras these days and with this gimbal, I can get really cinematic-looking shots whilst packing a light load. Super useful!

Other Gear

  • Softbox Lighting Kit – essential for indoor shoots. Will give you tons of flexibility in these lockdown times!
  • Lens Cleaning Kit – Clean lenses mean less time spent in edit trying to remove all those dust particles!
  • Peak design bag clip – not essential but it’s really useful for on-site shoots to quickly free your hands and store the camera while you’re doing other things.
  • Light Reflector – really useful for compensating for light coming from different directions.

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