Indonesian vacation prep [2023]

I traveled to Indonesia in the summer of 2019, and it was the highlight of my year. Well considering how 2020 has been, it is still the highlight.

You cannot go wrong with the plan to travel to Indonesia. There is something for everyone, be it budget or luxury travel. There is a lot to do whether you are traveling to experience the culture, going for some adventure, or just going to up your Instagram game (wink wink).

But the first thing is the prep, you have to prepare your body before you go, “Bali belly” is a real thing !!

  1. Best season to visit Indonesia
    The best time to visit is between April and October. The country only has 2 seasons – Rainy and Dry season. The months before April and after October are Rainy, the flights might be cheaper during the low season but you wouldn’t want to be cooped up in your hotel.
  2. Know your Visa
    There are 3 types of Visa- Visa in Advance, Visa On Arrival, and Visa-free.
    Visa in Advance- is the only way you can get a 60 day Visa. It is obtained. by applying online before your journey.
    Visa on Arrival- is the one which you pay for. and is for 30days but it can be extended later.
    Visa-free- is a visa that citizens of most countries can get for free on landing. However, this cannot be extended
  3. Be mindful of Mother nature
    Most islands of Indonesia have either a dormant or active volcano, this can have some effect on the flights as well as hotels. Do plan and keep an eye on Travel advisory boards.
  4. Bali Belly
    Well, I experienced very good hygiene with the food but you can experience Bali belly from the water or just general dehydration. But don’t worry, there is a solution. We started having Charcoal tablets which helped us all the way except for one of the faithful days when I got too confident and stopped having them. Rookie mistake!
  5. Summer sandals
    You definitely need open-toe sandals for walking everywhere around whether be Jungles, temples, the beach, pub. Trust me now you will thank me later.
  6. Sunscreen
    For sunscreen I just went with the SPF 50, try going for something which is dry instead of oil-based as Indonesian climate is hot and very humid.
  7. Camelbak bag
    We didn’t have to worry much about water thanks to the versatile Camelbak bag, It has 2L of water capacity and 6L of general things that you would like to store in your backpack. We also used it for our ski as well as tropical trips.
  8. Mosquito repellant bands
    It is a tropical country, so yes it has mosquitoes. But fret not there are always Mosquito repellant bands and the normal ones that I have linked here worked fine for us.
  9. Nausea bands
    Not sure if these work as I don’t get Seasick but my friends did but they wore this band and were fine while island hoping
  10. Mini first-aid pouch
    This is my travel essential all the time, I have a mini pouch with band-aids, paracetamol, indigestion, Sickness pills and I believe it should be in everyone’s backpack.

Now that we are prepared with our pre-check let’s hop on to the itinerary, budget, and must-dos in the next articles, hop on.

If you enjoyed this post and want to prep your own Indonesia Trip, reach out and let me know below!

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